Changelog for Groovy 2.3.10


  • [GROOVY-4852] - Constant Optimization is a little off
  • [GROOVY-6741] - Generic Traits and SAM type coercion
  • [GROOVY-7000] - Support MarkupTemplateEngine integration with TemplateServlet
  • [GROOVY-7011] - Trait methods with default arguments do not work correctly
  • [GROOVY-7043] - GString concatenation break equal operator transitive property
  • [GROOVY-7173] - jsonslurper does not unescape Strings (sometimes) on parsing with JsonParsingUsingCharacterSource
  • [GROOVY-7186] - Resource Leak in GroovyScriptEngine
  • [GROOVY-7217] - Number initialization in traits
  • [GROOVY-7225] - GroovyShell/Grape cannot use Extension Modules that extend Closure
  • [GROOVY-7229] - Charset.toString() returns incompatible name for Charset.forName on Android
  • [GROOVY-7264] - NPE in TypeResolver when access$XXX method generated for a method with generic types
  • [GROOVY-7266] - CompilationFailedException can be swallowed
  • [GROOVY-7267] - avoid hashcode based equality check without equals
  • [GROOVY-7269] - Problem With MetaMethods and replacing MetaProperty
  • [GROOVY-7273] - :doc command checks wrong api urls
  • [GROOVY-7277] - TemplateResource.parse handles paths containing multiple dots incorrectly
  • [GROOVY-7285] - Stackable Traits at runtime don't honor definition order
  • [GROOVY-7298] - NPE in TypeResolver using <T>, Closure<T> and @CompileStatic
  • [GROOVY-7302] - LazyMap size returns incorrect result for un-built maps if same key set more than once


  • [GROOVY-6658] - Set anchors for each section in Groovy Ascii docs.
  • [GROOVY-7228] - Minor typo in documentation for DefaultGroovyMethods.xor(left, right)