Changelog for Groovy 2.4.10


  • [GROOVY-6792] - ClassFormatError if a method has dots within its name
  • [GROOVY-7248] - MissingPropertyException: No such property in finally block
  • [GROOVY-7402] - Compiler NPE Related To AST Transformations And Traits
  • [GROOVY-7646] - Classes generated by Eval() never collected from Permgen/Metaspace
  • [GROOVY-7797] - Private trait method called from within a closure has the wrong "this" context
  • [GROOVY-7909] - Calling parents method from trait using Parent.super.method() fail depending on trait declaration order
  • [GROOVY-8085] - Exception in "finally" not caught by outer "try"
  • [GROOVY-8107] - Binary incompatibility problems between compiled code in Groovy 2.4.7 vs 2.4.9
  • [GROOVY-8109] - Unsupported operator with @CompileStatic causes BUG! () during compilation
  • [GROOVY-8110] - @ListenerList generated fireWhatever() method stops working


  • [GROOVY-8118] - Builder's DefaultStrategy has small doc error
  • [GROOVY-8119] - Groovy Language Specification documentation has bad internal links to "type checking section"


  • [GROOVY-8124] - Include documentation in the SDKMAN install