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Changelog for Groovy 2.4.12


  • [GROOVY-7535] - Groovy category throwing MissingMethodException and MissingPropertyException when using multiple threads
  • [GROOVY-7654] - Iterable as List and Iterable.asList() have different semantics
  • [GROOVY-7979] - JsonSlurper parses a single minus character as a number
  • [GROOVY-8056] - GroovyCodeSource(URL) can leak a file handler
  • [GROOVY-8074] - @CompileStatic class property accessed instead of map property
  • [GROOVY-8135] - SecureASTCustomizer whitelist does not work
  • [GROOVY-8157] - Flow typing doesn't work with assignment to a parameter
  • [GROOVY-8166] - Repeated operations in AnnotationCollectorTransform and Traits
  • [GROOVY-8174] - Groovy.Sql+Oracle parameter substitution problem
  • [GROOVY-8178] - Codenarc broken in quality build
  • [GROOVY-8193] - TraitReceiverTransformer does not set source position on property expressions
  • [GROOVY-8203] - Add @Newify will cause ?. operator NPE
  • [GROOVY-8204] - @Delegate on arrays causes NPE during compilation
  • [GROOVY-8229] - nested try-catch-finally handling inside Closures generates wrong bytecode


  • [GROOVY-8170] - Error in note 1 for pseudo-properties: should be "writing" not "reading"


  • [GROOVY-8235] - JSR308 avoid compiler errors for legacy versions