Changelog for Groovy 2.4.14


  • [GROOVY-6888] - Static type checking fails if I change the closure input parameter name
  • [GROOVY-7061] - Type inference not working for Collections.sort()
  • [GROOVY-7929] - @SelfType compilation fail
  • [GROOVY-8241] - SAM parameter type inference for explicit parameter
  • [GROOVY-8295] - Groovyc ant task can overflow Windows command line if classpath is large
  • [GROOVY-8317] - Smart type inference doesn't work on explicit closure params
  • [GROOVY-8362] - Nested class is resolved via another nested class with package name
  • [GROOVY-8402] - GroovyScriptEngine.ScriptClassLoader applies compilation customizers twice
  • [GROOVY-8432] - Weird behavior parsing dates
  • [GROOVY-8438] - Running grape causes an exception
  • [GROOVY-8445] - Static analysis does not work properly when coercing Closure to FunctionInterface
  • [GROOVY-8474] - 'Unexpected super property set for:' when accessing super class property via super.propertyName


  • [GROOVY-8428] - Add DGM startsWithAny(String...) and endsWithAny(String...)