Changelog for Groovy 2.4.9


  • [GROOVY-8023] - Compile time increases exponentially when compiling Class implementing a Trait
  • [GROOVY-8026] - Matcher indexed via IntRange with startIdx..-1 does not return "intermediate" range matches
  • [GROOVY-8030] - An unexpected error has occurred when using 'kkk = kkk + 12'
  • [GROOVY-8048] - final fields for pre-compiled traits aren't processed correctly
  • [GROOVY-8060] - @Log annotation does not check logging enablement inside closures which are arguments to methods
  • [GROOVY-8065] - Map created as org.springframework.http.HttpHeaders is empty in 2.4.8, works fine in 2.4.7
  • [GROOVY-8066] - protected fields should be disallowed in traits
  • [GROOVY-8067] - Possible deadlock when creating new ClassInfo entries in the cache
  • [GROOVY-8068] - improper logging in groovy.sql.Sql
  • [GROOVY-8069] - Annotation based logging of complex expression in closure throws GroovyCastException when statically compiled
  • [GROOVY-8082] - Groovy sql.rows returns org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: No hstore extension installed