Changelog for Groovy 2.5.0-rc-2


  • [GROOVY-6523] - Improve Documentation for in DefaultGroovyMethods.intersect(..)
  • [GROOVY-7202] - Unable to resolve nested enum of parent class when compiling against binary parent
  • [GROOVY-8211] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at compilation when accessing a generic type with the wrong number of type parameters
  • [GROOVY-8531] - Fail to resolve type defined in super class written in Java
  • [GROOVY-8537] - GroovyCollections.combinations(Iterable) exhibits incorrect (asymmetric) behavior
  • [GROOVY-8541] - Incorrect packaging in groovy-all pom
  • [GROOVY-8545] - DGM#intersect(Set, Iterable) throws ClassCastException if Iterable larger than Set

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-4585] - backslash can not be escaped by `SimpleTemplateEngine`
  • [GROOVY-8472] - Final variable analysis doesn't account for early exit for try/catch/finally
  • [GROOVY-8490] - Extend @Newify to support a class name pattern parameter
  • [GROOVY-8521] - Create new groovy-cli-commons module
  • [GROOVY-8548] - DGM#intersect should provide a variant with a comparator

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-8138] - Compile static to support streams
  • [GROOVY-8558] - Add DGM `getLocation` to get the url of the jar containing the specified class
  • [GROOVY-8559] - CLONE - Add @Repeatable java8 annotation support