Changelog for Groovy 2.5.10


  • [GROOVY-9185] - groovyc doesn't keep RetentionPolicy in generated bytecode
  • [GROOVY-9204] - Compiler loses type info of superclass field
  • [GROOVY-9211] - BUG! UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION on OpenJDK14-ea+8
  • [GROOVY-9387] - Using this.method() in closures inside BuilderSupport subclasses doesn't dispatch properly
  • [GROOVY-9396] - Captured arguments in closures are not annotated with @Generated
  • [GROOVY-9409] - org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.callsite.GroovySunClassLoader is unusable
  • [GROOVY-9412] - enum added to List fails TypeChecked
  • [GROOVY-9424] - Incorrect handling of final variables within switch


  • [GROOVY-9394] - Groovy could provide some minimal methods to assist with migrating between Groovy versions
  • [GROOVY-9434] - groovyConsole UI tweak

New Feature


  • [GROOVY-9431] - CompilationUnit has some long unused fields/methods which should be deprecated