Changelog for Groovy 2.5.18


  • [GROOVY-10086] - STC misses type error when calling a vararg method
  • [GROOVY-10166] - Cannot call T#method(arg) with arguments <arg>
  • [GROOVY-10282] - STC: false positive for BiFunction and BinaryOperator with same type parameter
  • [GROOVY-10316] - Type variable inference does not work properly in nested diamond operators
  • [GROOVY-10344] - STC crashes when bound has two wildcard types as type arguments
  • [GROOVY-10654] - Cannot pass enum literal to ASTTransformationCustomizer
  • [GROOVY-10663] - PackageHelperImpl#getPackageNames unable to find package from path or jars that contains plus sign
  • [GROOVY-10673] - STC inferred type lost in nested closure
  • [GROOVY-10675] - Covariant override method regression
  • [GROOVY-9059] - Failed to parse/compile generic methods with "extends"
  • [GROOVY-9891] - Wrongly detected incompatible generic arguments for Java collections
  • [GROOVY-9956] - Cannot infer correct type argument when passing a subtype of the declared type argument

Dependency upgrade