Changelog for Groovy 2.5.2


  • [GROOVY-7126] - generic type definition with reference to other type parameter fails to compile
  • [GROOVY-8282] - Error while popping argument from operand stack tracker in class ...$Trait$Helper
  • [GROOVY-8403] - Trait FieldHelper is not marked synthetic
  • [GROOVY-8631] - Groovy 2.5.0 broken with Java 10.0.1 on MacOS
  • [GROOVY-8696] - TypeWrapper leaks out of DecompiledClassNode
  • [GROOVY-8711] - Some doco/comments were still referring to the groovy-all jar
  • [GROOVY-8712] - groovy ant task was still looking for jar(s) in embeddable directory
  • [GROOVY-8713] - Make groovy osgi plugin extensible to be able to use it in eclipse target platform
  • [GROOVY-8718] - GroovyConsole MacOS fix required for JDK9+
  • [GROOVY-8722] - final modifier for non-abstract methods in traits is ignored *
  • [GROOVY-8723] - Groovy script output for 2nd and subsequent intput files
  • [GROOVY-8728] - Verifier.addDefaultParameters erases metadata if run more than once
  • [GROOVY-8730] - trait helper contains unused abstract methods
  • [GROOVY-8731] - improve error message for the case of static and instance methods with same signature when using traits
  • [GROOVY-8732] - @CompileStatic refers to private field in parent class
  • [GROOVY-8740] - groovy.util.CliBuilder doesn't handle parse errors correctly

Dependency upgrade

  • [GROOVY-8700] - Bump picocli version to 3.3.0 from 3.2.0
  • [GROOVY-8738] - Bump picocli version to 3.5.0 from 3.3.0


  • [GROOVY-6716] - Cannot implement a trait via anonymous class
  • [GROOVY-8639] - @Sortable annotation is not able to use accessible parent properties
  • [GROOVY-8710] - JAXB JDK9-11 compatibility for install/dist
  • [GROOVY-8733] - Groovy could provide a chop DGM method

* potentially breaking change (read issue for details - even minor differences are sometimes flagged as potentially breaking changes)