Changelog for Groovy 2.5.22



  • [GROOVY-10002] - STC: inconsistent support for assignment of list literals
  • [GROOVY-10270] - Cannot initialize parameterized class with lambda without cast
  • [GROOVY-10329] - import static star: add support for static callable property
  • [GROOVY-10364] - STC does not type check method call when using bounded type parameter as a type argument
  • [GROOVY-10611] - Static fields not initialized when accessed from another class
  • [GROOVY-10648] - Compile error during static compilation (missing type derivation?)
  • [GROOVY-10911] - General error during instruction selection: AIOOBE
  • [GROOVY-10918] - Memory leak: local variable values are not discarded
  • [GROOVY-10922] - stack overflow calling implicit getter/setter from override
  • [GROOVY-10978] - LUB of Type<T extends Something> and Type<? extends Something>
  • [GROOVY-10981] - STC: type inference of variable expression with superclass field and access method
  • [GROOVY-6802] - CompileStatic: ListAssignment takes precedence over Coercion when statically compiling
  • [GROOVY-6803] - CompileStatic: ListAssignment for String takes precendence over Coercion when statically compiling
  • [GROOVY-6912] - @CompileStatic not recognising Literal list when LHS is a concrete list type
  • [GROOVY-7128] - Generic method declaration should see the super class
  • [GROOVY-7490] - CompileStatic confuses statically importing an instance and statically importing a method
  • [GROOVY-8136] - Code passes static compilation but fails during runtime
  • [GROOVY-8815] - Inconsistent class file - undefined type parameter for trait implementer
  • [GROOVY-9985] - STC does not report type mismatches in array initializers
  • [GROOVY-9994] - Type checking of array initializer expressions

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-9487] - Update and check if initialized via same field of metaclass