Changelog for Groovy 2.5.4


  • [GROOVY-3278] - Using referenced String constant as value of Annotation causes compile error
  • [GROOVY-7854] - Annotation value cannot be concatenated constant
  • [GROOVY-7975] - Use of static final field in an annotation element causes compile errors
  • [GROOVY-8766] - Groovy packages not compatible with OSGi (ServiceLoader Capability)
  • [GROOVY-8865] - Specifying initial heap size results in an error
  • [GROOVY-8871] - Long Constants Defined in Groovy 2.5.3 Under OpenJDK 11 Cause an IllegalAccessError

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-8848] - Named parameters documentation missing explanation for mixing multiple parameters use case
  • [GROOVY-8870] - Spread-dot operator on list of lists


  • [GROOVY-8858] - Refine GCL to avoid occupying Permanent Area/Metaspace repeatedly for same source code