Changelog for Groovy 2.5.8


  • [GROOVY-8002] - Static compilation drops source position for method calls
  • [GROOVY-8169] - StaticCompilationVisitor.visitForLoop sets Parameter origin type, which prevents access to original source type and location
  • [GROOVY-9054] - @groovy.transform.builder.Builder should generate @Generated annotations for build(), builder() and setter methods
  • [GROOVY-9115] - General error during class generation
  • [GROOVY-9121] - Default compiler configuration is modified by GroovyMain
  • [GROOVY-9123] - "java.nio.file.Path.setText" does not work with CompileStatic on Groovy 2.5.7
  • [GROOVY-9136] - Compile error when accessing a public field inside a closure
  • [GROOVY-9141] - NPE: Groovy compiler error: exception in phase 'conversion' in source unit
  • [GROOVY-9147] - Using 'File.text = ' cause FileNotFoundException in Groovy 2.5.7 with @CompileStatic
  • [GROOVY-9153] - StaticInvocationWriter modifies shared global node ConstantExpression.NULL
  • [GROOVY-9161] - Sortable AST transform replaces custom compareTo method
  • [GROOVY-9162] - AutoClone AST transform replaces custom clone method
  • [GROOVY-9163] - AutoExternalize AST transform replaces custom read/write method
  • [GROOVY-9170] - The method clone should be public as it implements the corresponding method from interface java.lang.Object
  • [GROOVY-9171] - Static compiler ASM error for methods with identical names
  • [GROOVY-9176] - Syntactic sugar for set method calls in conflict with class member declarations
  • [GROOVY-9184] - CLONE - Use of an inner enum causes compilation to go into infinite loop - antlr2 fix
  • [GROOVY-9200] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in AstBrowser

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-9109] - Groovysh: Do not force override classloader if user supplied is already GroovyClassLoader
  • [GROOVY-9122] - code smell in ProcessingUnit
  • [GROOVY-9135] - Additional support for @Testable annotation in JUnit5Runner
  • [GROOVY-9199] - Code in finally block is ignored in IntelliJ IDEA debugger
  • [GROOVY-9210] - Missing TextfierSupport from asm-util