Changelog for Groovy 2.5.9


  • [GROOVY-6996] - Anonymous class field initialized with an enclosing argument results in MissingPropertyException
  • [GROOVY-7722] - StackOverflowError when use anonymous class with generics.
  • [GROOVY-7864] - Stack overflow correcting generics when using @CompileStatic
  • [GROOVY-7996] - Using with method with a closure that references a protected property produces ClassCastException
  • [GROOVY-8305] - Error trying to grab a dependency available in local m2 repo when using the default Ivy settings file provided by Groovy
  • [GROOVY-8315] - Looping in GroovyRecognizer.enumConstants during compilation
  • [GROOVY-8372] - GrapeIvy downloads wrong artifact for non-default conf when artifact name is not the same as the module
  • [GROOVY-8446] - void[] return type causes compiler to fail
  • [GROOVY-8457] - Compiler error for @CompileStatic and @NotYetImplemented combination
  • [GROOVY-8775] - Bug joint compilation in ant task groovyc: classpath not set
  • [GROOVY-8825] - CLONE - Conflict between @Generated and @Delegate
  • [GROOVY-9120] - Anonymous class enclosing reference broken in 2.5.7
  • [GROOVY-9126] - Unreachable line numbers after ARETURN in bytecode
  • [GROOVY-9197] - Groovyc fails to correctly propagate classpath entries to javac when run under JDK 11
  • [GROOVY-9215] - Incorrect compile time access error is raised when using @CompileStatic and/or @TypeChecked
  • [GROOVY-9226] - Calling super.toString() with @TypeChecked or @CompileStatic will throw java.lang.StackOverflowError
  • [GROOVY-9231] - groovy.lang.TypeChecked should be groovy.transform
  • [GROOVY-9244] - Anonymous subclasses should cast their super-parameters
  • [GROOVY-9252] - -1: Access to java.lang.Object#myField is forbidden @ line -1, column -1.
  • [GROOVY-9257] - Could not create Groovysh with JDK 11 and Spring-Boot
  • [GROOVY-9270] - Using "instanceof boolean" or using a Trait will cause the compiled code to not work with OSGi/maven-bundle-plugin/bnd
  • [GROOVY-9282] - Account for package-private methods when overriding as protected
  • [GROOVY-9294] - SC: array length not available within closure
  • [GROOVY-9321] - @CompileStatic on call of static method on interface (Java 8): VerifyError
  • [GROOVY-9323] - AST for precompiled classes loaded from the classpath does not contain constructor annotation information
  • [GROOVY-9352] - Static compilation fails with NoClassDefFoundError

Dependency upgrade



  • [GROOVY-9229] - Add @ClosureParams to closure input parameter of Sql.withInstance(...)
  • [GROOVY-9233] - Add @ClosureParams to closure input parameter of Sql.withBatch(...)
  • [GROOVY-9240] - Better signature for ResourceGroovyMethods.traverse(File, Map<String, Object>, Closure) (and overloadings)
  • [GROOVY-9266] - Extension method metaClass lacks closure metadata for IDE/STC