Changelog for Groovy 2.6.0-alpha-1


  • [GROOVY-3472] - Wrong line/column numbers for method and closure blocks
  • [GROOVY-4095] - Labeled statements have wrong source position
  • [GROOVY-4438] - Use of an inner enum causes compilation to go into infinite loop
  • [GROOVY-4757] - Can't compile method with generic signatures and default visibiliy access
  • [GROOVY-4761] - Incorrect source location for method call expression
  • [GROOVY-4762] - Numbers as properties in command expressions
  • [GROOVY-5309] - Wrong line/col info for binary expressions
  • [GROOVY-5310] - Wrong line/col info for statements with whitespace before EOL
  • [GROOVY-5311] - Wrong line/col info for GStrings
  • [GROOVY-5312] - Wrong line/col info for MapEntryExpressions
  • [GROOVY-5313] - Wrong line/col info for SpreadMapExpressions
  • [GROOVY-5652] - Semicolon required after coercing to a parameterized (generic) type containing a parameterized (generic) type as its only or last type argument when there is no space between the ending ">>"
  • [GROOVY-6038] - Ability to declare inner annotation types
  • [GROOVY-7218] - && operator is not handled correctly in some cases when it starts a new line
  • [GROOVY-8131] - Statement continued onto next line is flagged when first character is "="
  • [GROOVY-8150] - Inconsistency in multiple assignment with single variable
  • [GROOVY-8161] - Empty statement before semicolon with parrot parser
  • [GROOVY-8216] - invalid octal split into two arguments
  • [GROOVY-8253] - Groovy console fails to launch
  • [GROOVY-8470] - dead loop when compiling 'enum in enum without semicolon'

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-3898] - [PARROT] Allow the specification of types when initializing multiple iteration variables in a "for" construct
  • [GROOVY-5306] - [PARROT] Add "a ?= 2" support (Elvis assignment): should be expanded to "a = a == null ? 2 : a"
  • [GROOVY-7977] - Refine the implementation of LRUCache
  • [GROOVY-8165] - [PARROT] Parrot parser could be made to work on jdk7

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-2840] - [PARROT] Support "not" for in and instanceof
  • [GROOVY-3791] - [PARROT] Support Java Array initializer syntax when not ambiguous
  • [GROOVY-5348] - [PARROT] Implement do/while loop
  • [GROOVY-6336] - [PARROT] Support Java 7 ARM blocks


  • [GROOVY-8102] - Does/could Groovy support multiple variable definitions in for loop?


  • [GROOVY-1588] - Better error messages when using Java's array init syntax
  • [GROOVY-2324] - grammar forces usage of lowercase names for commands
  • [GROOVY-8228] - JSR308 grammar changes