Changelog for Groovy 3.0.14


  • [GROOVY-10105] - Groovy Shell having trouble evaluating script
  • [GROOVY-10109] - IllegalAccessError with package-access base class
  • [GROOVY-10637] - SC: implicit-this reference to outer class super property produces access error
  • [GROOVY-10700] - STC cannot locate method specified by interface but supplied by AST transform
  • [GROOVY-10717] - Map to type coercion not working on abstract classes
  • [GROOVY-10757] - Regression from 2.5.16+: ClassCastException at runtime
  • [GROOVY-10767] - Cannot find matching method when trait that implements another trait is compiled statically
  • [GROOVY-10775] - VerifyError: Expecting a stackmap
  • [GROOVY-10787] - STC: parameterized property check during map-style construction
  • [GROOVY-10791] - STC doesn't find method reference on superclass
  • [GROOVY-10807] - STC seems to lose type information through method references
  • [GROOVY-10813] - Cannot create method reference for print or println
  • [GROOVY-10846] - Unable to resolve field from a bounded type parameter
  • [GROOVY-10847] - Crash with arity generics parameter mismatch during the instruction selection phase
  • [GROOVY-7025] - Static member in enum class definition not initialized before enums created
  • [GROOVY-7789] - ClosureParams type inference compilation error when wrapping closure with object
  • [GROOVY-7859] - Erroneous method pointer expressions pass STC
  • [GROOVY-9541] - Compiling statically using GroovyClassLoader does not always respect the configured parent ClassLoader

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-10442] - @Immutable GroovyDoc examples use @Canonical instead


  • [GROOVY-10353] - StaticTypeCheckingSupport#evaluateExpression can provide lightweight evaluation for simple expressions
  • [GROOVY-7141] - Static type checker does not recognize closure input parameter when implementing an interface with a map