Changelog for Groovy 3.0.7


  • [GROOVY-6453] - groovysh in Windows 7/8/10 doesn't support arrow keys and Del
  • [GROOVY-6882] - STC: AIC cannot resolve overridden method of outer class
  • [GROOVY-7494] - ArrayStoreException assigning GStringImpl to String[] when using Indy
  • [GROOVY-8270] - Bug in @AutoImplement
  • [GROOVY-9758] - groovsh import of non existing class throws null pointer instead of syntax error
  • [GROOVY-9760] - NPE when trait with type parameter is implemented as raw type
  • [GROOVY-9762] - Wrong type resolved if method reference used with typed method
  • [GROOVY-9763] - Regression in groovyc 3.0 and 4.0 and Compile static with generic static method in trait
  • [GROOVY-9769] - STC: UnionTypeClassNode created for simple instanceof scenarios
  • [GROOVY-9770] - Groovy 3 generated lambda classes are marked as synthetic
  • [GROOVY-9771] - STC: "putAt" shortcut notation to outer class private field from Closure leads to GroovyCastException
  • [GROOVY-9772] - AnnotationCollectorTransform generates code not marked with @Generated
  • [GROOVY-9779] - Inconsistency with callable properties in static context
  • [GROOVY-9782] - Avoid potential NPE in antlr2 groovysh
  • [GROOVY-9786] - SC: cast exception for variable assigned within conditional blocks
  • [GROOVY-9790] - bootstrap method initialization exception raised when lambda parameter type is wrong
  • [GROOVY-9791] - SC: cross-package protected field access uses dynamic property methods
  • [GROOVY-9799] - Using a method reference causes a compiler error
  • [GROOVY-9814] - Method reference doesn't accept subtypes of argument
  • [GROOVY-9815] - Object not bound with Groovy (but works fine in Java)
  • [GROOVY-9816] - @AutoImplement does not consider declared properties
  • [GROOVY-9818] - JSP-API license seems to be missing
  • [GROOVY-9821] - STC: spread-safe and list property access error for CollType<? extends ItemType>
  • [GROOVY-9822] - StackOverflowError in STC
  • [GROOVY-9824] - CVE-2020-17521 Apache Groovy Information Disclosure
  • [GROOVY-9825] - interface constants from super interfaces lost in some contexts
  • [GROOVY-9826] - Better propagation of InterruptedException
  • [GROOVY-9842] - Static inner class of a static inner class is missing inner class table attribute

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-9832] - groovy-jmx: JmxMetaMapBuilder should support GString object names

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-9817] - Enhance Closure annotation value (as Closure class) to Arrays