Changelog for Groovy 4.0.6


  • [GROOVY-10717] - Map to type coercion not working on abstract classes
  • [GROOVY-10756] - STC: parameterized and bounded return value for java class property
  • [GROOVY-10757] - Regression from 2.5.16+: ClassCastException at runtime
  • [GROOVY-10765] - STC: Closure implementation of Java @FunctionalInterface loses type information
  • [GROOVY-10783] - propertyMissing of category does not work when indy enabled
  • [GROOVY-10787] - STC: parameterized property check during map-style construction

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-10759] - groovy-datetime should support collections of fields when accessing a temporal accessor
  • [GROOVY-10771] - Type-checking extension scripts should import AST classes