Changelog for Groovy 5.0.0-alpha-2


  • [GROOVY-6663] - Incorrect order of calling super.method when depth more than two and first class is generic
  • [GROOVY-8096] - setScriptBaseClass with Java base class breaks @Field initialization from Binding due to generated call to wrong constructor
  • [GROOVY-8587] - Calling super in an overridden method results in MissingMethodException when method indirectly inherited from trait
  • [GROOVY-8854] - MissingMethodException when a public method on a trait calls a static private one in a class hierarchy
  • [GROOVY-9801] - Stub generator omits default interface methods
  • [GROOVY-10974] - Fail to perform SAM conversion using method references
  • [GROOVY-10975] - STC rejects program when passing method reference in parameterized function
  • [GROOVY-11163] - Class parsing does not set erasure of type param with bounds
  • [GROOVY-11170] - Fix edge cases for SecureASTCustomizer

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-11156] - Groovy should no longer use MagicAccessorImpl from sun.reflect
  • [GROOVY-11167] - JsonOutput should handle Records like POGOs


  • [GROOVY-11165] - JEP 445 compatibility additional functionality


  • [GROOVY-11164] - Mark main/run methods in scripts as @Generated