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Release notes for Groovy 2.5

(Material on this page is still under development!)

Macro support

With Groovy 2.5, you can write macros in Groovy!

Details: TBD

New AST Transformations

  • @MapConstructor adds a Map-based constructor to a class. This allows a usage style similar to Groovy’s named parameters but doesn’t use the no-arg constructor and then call setters. This may be useful if you have final properties or wish the class file to have the Map constructor for integration purposes (GROOVY-7353).

  • @AutoImplement allows you to provide dummy implementations of any abstract methods that might be inherited from super classes or interfaces (GROOVY-7860).

AST Transformation improvements

  • @Canonical becomes a meta-annotation allowing more flexible usage of the annotation attributes from its constituent annotations (GROOVY-6319).

  • @Immutable now supports Java’s Optional container class (GROOVY-7600) and handles inheritance hierarchies (GROOVY-7162).

  • @Delegate can now be used on getters (GROOVY-7769).

  • @TupleConstructor now supports pre and post closure conditions to match the functionality provided by @MapConstructor (GROOVY-7769).

  • @TupleConstructor and @Builder should be able to use defined setters rather than the field directly (GROOVY-7087).

  • Most annotations check property and field names provided to annotation attributes (GROOVY-7087).

Tool improvements

Some improvements were made to Groovysh shell and the Groovy Console:

  • groovysh should offer easier access to grapes (GROOVY-6514).

  • groovyconsole now provides an ASMifier tab within the AstBrowser (GROOVY-8091).

Other improvements

  • Groovy’s CliBuilder now supports annotation style definitions (GROOVY-7825).

  • Alternative to with called tap that has an implicit return delegate (GROOVY-3976).

  • Various JSON customization options are now supported (GROOVY-6975 and GROOVY-6854).

  • Method parameter names are now accessible at runtime (GROOVY-7423).

Breaking changes

A few issues fixed might also be considered breaking changes in some situations:

  • @TupleConstructor could use the order of properties listed in 'includes' when that option is used (GROOVY-8016)

  • @ToString could output properties in a predefined order when 'includes' is used (GROOVY-8014)

  • AstNodeToScriptAdapter should output source using the recommended modifier order (GROOVY-7967)

  • ObjectRange iterator returns null instead of NoSuchElementException (GROOVY-7961)

  • IntRange iterator returns null instead of NoSuchElementException (GROOVY-7960) (GROOVY-7937)

  • o.c.g.r.t.DefaultTypeTransformation does not apply the right toString on primitive arrays when transforming to String (GROOVY-7853)

  • Remove synchronized methods of groovy.sql.Sql and document it as not thread-safe (GROOVY-7673)

  • InvokerHelper formatting methods have inconsistent API (GROOVY-7563)

  • Fix up transforms (apart from TupleConstructor) which are affected by empty includes default (GROOVY-7529)

  • TupleConstructor with empty includes includes all (GROOVY-7523)

  • TupleConstructor overwrites empty default constructors (GROOVY-7522)

  • ResourceGroovyMethods/NioGroovyMethods BOM behavior is inconsistent (GROOVY-7465)

  • API inconsistency between takeWhile, dropWhile and collectReplacements for CharSequences (GROOVY-7433)

  • @ToString could support non-field properties (GROOVY-7394)

  • same linkedlist code different behavior between groovy and java (GROOVY-6396)

  • CLONE - same linkedlist code different behavior between groovy and java (fix priority of DGM methods vs actual methods on an object)

  • Accessing private methods from public ones using categories and inheritance causes MissingMethodException (GROOVY-6263)

  • Have the elvis operator (?:) support the Optional type in Java 8 (GROOVY-6744)

  • java.util.Optional should evaluate to false if empty (GROOVY-7611)

JDK requirements changes

Groovy 2.5 requires JDK7+ to build and JDK7 is the minimum version of the JRE that we support.

More information

You can browse all the tickets closed for Groovy 2.5 in JIRA.