Changelog for Groovy 2.5.12


  • [GROOVY-8966] - Exclusive NumberRange is converted to inclusive when used by List.getAt(range).
  • [GROOVY-9501] - MissingPropertyException for access to private static field from inner class when subclassing
  • [GROOVY-9506] - Joint compilation is broken
  • [GROOVY-9517] - CompileStatic typeCasting runtime error from Class Array to Class List
  • [GROOVY-9518] - Closure argument types not inferred when calling a constructor
  • [GROOVY-9519] - CLIBuilder: Option with "type: Integer, defaultValue '0'" results in Boolean if default value is applied
  • [GROOVY-9528] - CLIBuilder: "error: Missing required options" when unknown options are provided

Dependency upgrade

  • [GROOVY-9552] - Bump Ant versions to address: [CVE-2020-1945] Apache Ant insecure temporary file vulnerability
  • [GROOVY-9553] - Bump picocli to 4.3.2