Changelog for Groovy 3.0.12


  • [GROOVY-10049] - STC fails when calling a generic method from another generic method
  • [GROOVY-10086] - STC misses type error when calling a vararg method
  • [GROOVY-10316] - Type variable inference does not work properly in nested diamond operators
  • [GROOVY-10344] - STC crashes when bound has two wildcard types as type arguments
  • [GROOVY-10436] - STC: closure parameter type-checking: declared vs inferred
  • [GROOVY-10578] - Groovydoc noscripts and nomainforscripts options no longer work
  • [GROOVY-10648] - Compile error during static compilation (missing type derivation?)
  • [GROOVY-10654] - Cannot pass enum literal to ASTTransformationCustomizer
  • [GROOVY-10659] - Parrot Parser: named arguments does not support all key expressions
  • [GROOVY-10663] - PackageHelperImpl#getPackageNames unable to find package from path or jars that contains plus sign
  • [GROOVY-10668] - Reference to method is ambiguous if block in "if" with "instanceof"
  • [GROOVY-10673] - STC inferred type lost in nested closure
  • [GROOVY-10675] - Covariant override method regression
  • [GROOVY-10676] - ErrorReporter (used by FileSystemCompiler) can throw an IOOB exception on files with CR only
  • [GROOVY-10681] - Groovysh doesn't handle multiline strings with """ or ''' correctly
  • [GROOVY-9854] - STC doesn't consider switch-expression type for closure cases

Dependency upgrade

  • [GROOVY-10492] - Bump picocli to 4.6.3
  • [GROOVY-10640] - Bump findsecbugs-plugin to 1.12.0 (build dependency)
  • [GROOVY-10692] - Bump log4j2 version to 2.18.0 (test dependency)
  • [GROOVY-10693] - Bump Spotbugs/Spotbugs annotations to 4.7.1 (build dependency)


  • [GROOVY-10661] - Support launching of ObjectExplorer when property rows are double-clicked