Changelog for Groovy 3.0.21


  • [GROOVY-11254] - Compiler crash: ClassNode#getTypeClass for TemporalAccessor called before the type class is set
  • [GROOVY-11257] - [STC] Cannot detect the type of Optional in some cases
  • [GROOVY-11259] - STC loses generic information on method references
  • [GROOVY-11266] - Static Compilation fails when using generics (no such property)
  • [GROOVY-11271] - ConcurrentCommonCache causes memory leaks.
  • [GROOVY-11276] - Generics error in method resolution
  • [GROOVY-11290] - STC: multiple instanceof checks produce different results
  • [GROOVY-11293] - Error "BUG! At this point argument array length and parameter array length should be the same"
  • [GROOVY-11296] - shuffled modifies input array
  • [GROOVY-11297] - Fail to identify duplicate constructor declaration
  • [GROOVY-11304] - The script running reports a null pointer.
  • [GROOVY-11308] - DefaultGroovyMethods#unique now returns null for empty or 1 element input
  • [GROOVY-11313] - Closure owner seems to be overwritten
  • [GROOVY-11323] - Interface default method and static import precedence
  • [GROOVY-6837] - String[] + String[] gives Object[] *

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-7001] - generics info can be improved for DGM methods with a collector

* potentially breaking change (read issue for details - even minor differences are sometimes flagged as potentially breaking changes)