Changelog for Groovy 4.0.13


  • [GROOVY-10915] - SC: class that provides isCase but not isNotCase
  • [GROOVY-10963] - AIOOBE with Java lambda syntax
  • [GROOVY-11013] - Fail to substitute type when having SAM type with generics
  • [GROOVY-11053] - Method ambiguity error when having methods with primitive arrays and varargs
  • [GROOVY-11056] - modified behavior of variable resolution within Closure
  • [GROOVY-11057] - STC Generic type matching failure
  • [GROOVY-11062] - Annotation collection isn't properly handling enum annotation attribute values
  • [GROOVY-11063] - NPE in ListHashMap
  • [GROOVY-11068] - VerifyError when using generic container in closure
  • [GROOVY-11072] - Unable to compile: Expected type for closure parameter
  • [GROOVY-11075] - The method pointer operator suppresses checked exceptions and results in a MethodMissingException
  • [GROOVY-11076] - @ClosureParams for StringGroovyMethods.replaceFirst and StringGroovyMethods.replaceAll wrong
  • [GROOVY-11079] - GroovyCastException on closure implementing Consumer
  • [GROOVY-11080] - Static type checking regression with implicit generics of inline maps
  • [GROOVY-11083] - STC: closure param's default not type-checked (method target)
  • [GROOVY-11088] - Missing symbol for package-private member under joint compilation
  • [GROOVY-11089] - STC: closure param type inference for array and list
  • [GROOVY-11104] - Static import of property accessor for type in same unit
  • [GROOVY-5769] - NullObject leak

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-11048] - Optimisations for bytecode for record generated methods (missing case)