Changelog for Groovy 4.0.16


  • [GROOVY-10750] - Compiler does not resolve compile-time constants in string concatenation
  • [GROOVY-11014] - CompileStatic & Elvis operator: Cannot assign literal value of type (java.lang.Number or java.lang.Comparable) to variable of type double
  • [GROOVY-11180] - Regression: STC loses track of package-scope constants
  • [GROOVY-11189] - STC LUB of List and Set is not Collection for Java 21
  • [GROOVY-11192] - Code that causes Groovy Compiler Crash
  • [GROOVY-11196] - ambiguous method error for tap on null receiver
  • [GROOVY-11206] - Concatenated strings not treated as compile-time constants
  • [GROOVY-11207] - STC rejects concatenated string as annotation parameter
  • [GROOVY-11209] - XmlUtil escapeControlCharacters escapes control characters 0-30 instead of 0-31
  • [GROOVY-8488] - STC: floating-point literals no longer accepted as args to method with double parameter
  • [GROOVY-8948] - BigDecimal to primitive conversion not working

Dependency upgrade