Changelog for Groovy 4.0.18


  • [GROOVY-10998] - Not reporting cyclic dependency in function's type parameters
  • [GROOVY-11254] - Compiler crash: ClassNode#getTypeClass for TemporalAccessor called before the type class is set
  • [GROOVY-11257] - [STC] Cannot detect the type of Optional in some cases
  • [GROOVY-11259] - STC loses generic information on method references
  • [GROOVY-11265] - Runtime rehydrate error for closure in interface default method
  • [GROOVY-11267] - Trait static methods are not resolved when called from closure
  • [GROOVY-11269] - GroovyClassDoc has empty 'enumConstants' when call method GroovyDocParser.getClassDocsFromSingleSource(...)
  • [GROOVY-11271] - ConcurrentCommonCache causes memory leaks.
  • [GROOVY-11276] - Generics error in method resolution

Dependency upgrade


  • [GROOVY-11262] - Avoid processing duplicated entries within META-INF
  • [GROOVY-9464] - GroovyDoc: List inherited properties